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Kazmyn Zercher



Kazmyn's New Single: CHASING THE DREAM

 My name is Kazmyn, I'm a singer/songwriter, and I share my music in hopes of connecting with people on a deeper level. I don't necessarily fit into a 'genre' but when it's simply my voice and a guitar, my music would definitely fit into more of a 'folky' category. In August of 2018, I auditioned for American Idol's open-call in a nearby city, and was one of about 15 chosen people in Seattle to move on in the competition. This was my senior year of high school, and for the first few months, I was travelling around for auditions for the show. It was quite a humbling experience, and really made music seem like a potential career for me. After getting sent home as part of the Top 70, I began leaning more into writing and performing, and found lots of other musicians who were willing to let me open for them and etc.. I've performed at numerous cafes, venues, and with organization for a cause. My song "Chasing the Dream" was recorded in one day, and is my first song on all-platforms. It's simply about one's choice to 'follow their dreams' and do so despite other's opinions. I'm always honored to receive a message about someone relating to my music... that's why I do it! Who knows what kind of stages I'll be performing on one day-- I just hope people continue relating to my lyrics... because they're all intentional.Instagram: Kazmynz or MusicbykzSpotify: Kazmyn 

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