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La Générale Paris


 La Générale  began as an artistic squat in Belleville, in the 19th arrondissement of 

Paris, when a vacant factory was taken over by a group of 10 artists installing their workshops. The group of ten grew to hundreds and the artistic project, supported by the city of Paris, became legal with relocation in Sevres and the 11th arrondissement of Paris.

 La Générale , Paris, located at 14 Ave Parmentier, in an abandoned electrical substation, is an enormous urban space dedicated to the "Cooperative of Creation" and a shared workspace community, allowing artists a place to create, invent, make mistakes, try again, garden, breathe and feed their souls, a rare opportunity in modern day central urban living.

Bio Urban


 Apart from its vast interior,  La Générale cultivates an urban farm on its rooftop, with monthly events to educate interested city dwellers on how to create and maintain a sustainable urban life with resources at hand.


Organic Honey Harvesting


Theater and Music Venue Space


 La Générale hosts and produces a diverse collection of theatrical and musical events  with an emphasis on the free expression of artistic creation.



Social Political


La Generale is also a place where the public can participate in creative ways to address conflict in society. Writing workshops against police brutality bring together ideas and objectives to deal with social ills from various viewpoints.