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 Ivan Lulli creates from his workshop  located in the historic Passage du Bourg l'Abbe, in Paris. The business was founded by his father in the late 60's, after his arrival from Rome, Italy. Trained alongside his father since his youth, Ivan Lulli now remains one of the last classic french cabinet makers in central Paris.  As a classic french cabinetmaker, Mr. Lulli can fabricate and authentically restore woodwork, facades and restaurant interiors from past eras.  Mr Lulli's artistic passion flows in three outlets, by trade and cabinetry, as a sculptor and a marqueter, where inlaid decorative work is made from small pieces of variously colored wood or other materials.

 He manifests his passion for music, (his son is a professional violinist) through his signature resin and  glass sculptures of music notes. He also has a strong sense of justice and has future projects planned in coordination with Paris and NYC, creating a monumental tribute for survivors of terrorism. Mr. Lulli also hosts children's workshop encouraging young children and students the pride in artisanal work. Mr.Lulli also contributes work each year to "Les Mains de L'espoir" A fundraising event for underprivileged  children.